ACCG is uniquely placed to generate a better understanding of most pressing climate change governance challenges facing Uganda and the entire African region, and to develop effective solutions to those problems.

We aim to carry out scientific research that addresses climate change governance priorities and ultimately influences policy and practice. To achieve these aims, our work is guided by a set of key principles:

– Understanding local context: ACCG is embedded within a developing country, and we are intimately familiar with climate change governance challenges in such settings. We understand the socio-economic and cultural determinants of climate governance, as well as local climate governance priorities.

– Developing practical solutions: We use our local knowledge to develop and evaluate interventions specifically designed to work in resource-poor settings.

– Focusing on translation: We are committed to translating research into policy and practice. We have vast experience of disseminating and translating scientific evidence for use by policy-makers, program managers and the scientific community.

– Networking globally: Our researchers are extensively networked with leading research institutions across Africa, in North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia. We also contribute to many regional networks.

– Building an infrastructure for world-class research: We are committed to maintaining research platforms enabling us to undertake a full spectrum of research. Our work spans Policy influence, Public Engagement and Mobilisation, Holding Governments Accountable, Research, Knowledge Development and Communication, Institutional and Governance Strengthening

– Liaising with Government: We work in close collaboration with the Government of Uganda. We generate scientific research based evidence to inform policy development and implementation, and evaluate climate change governance challenges.